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"Pagelot was built from the ground up with ambition and hard work"

Founder and CEO, Donnie Snyder started Pagelot in the summer of 2010. With over 20 years experience in programming, database administration, system and network administration, it was time to culminiate all those skill into one synergistic effort. That effort was the Pagelot Rewards Mall Platform.

From 1990 to 2000 Donnie managed voice and data for one of South Florida's largest multi-franchise auto dealerships, South Motors. Resigning in 2000 as the MIS Director he took a position as CIO with an up and coming Internet company in Fort Lauderdale called Internet Advisory. Overseeing the development team as well as the multi-tiered data center (Network 5) for nearly 2 years before the company fell to 9/11 lulls in seed money for new internet development.

From there Donnie started NOC Consulting. His company thrived for several years building enterprise level applications, setting up data centers and streaming media solutions for .com entrepreneurs. In 2006 the seed money for .com projects began to dry up and so did the clients.

With a little effort he landed a position as Sr Programmer for Charter Schools USA and he would make that his home until 2008. Working on the SIS (Student Information System) was excellent experience in template driven web development and complex data structures that would later prove to be valuable when building the pagelot framework. As it is common practice for programmers to move around in an effort to keep expanding their code and development skills he took a position as Sr Programmer with MediaNet Group. There he worked on the core program called the BSP Rewards Mall. For the next two years Donnie re-tooled the BSP Rewards program with current object oriented code and literally re-wrote a large portion of the program. in 2010 MediaNet was purchased by a European group and began phasing out the rewards mall program in favor of other interest.

It was apparent that it was time for him to move on so in the summer of 2010 Donnie resigned from MediaNet. With MediaNet vacating the rewards mall program Donnie seized this opportunity to develop his own rewards mall program and test his skills at this challenging undertaking. Within several months of working day and night he had a demo mall up and running. The challenge now was getting clients into the Pagelot Platform.

After engaging MUSTeam consulting, a consulting firm with over 6 years Rewards Mall experience and a sterling reputation in the industry, clients began arriving and the show was on the road.

Ironically the domain name was registered in 1999 by Donnie Snyder for a social networking project. He found it impossible to get funding in1999 in the South East United States as investors were concerned with AOL's foothold in the social sector of the internet. MySpace and Facebook would later accomplish this with ease.

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